Community Charity Lockdown Love

12th May 2020

While plenty of people spent lockdown taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill. CRWST continued to bake and deliver to our awesome loyal customers throughout the pandemic. We were humbled and so grateful for the hundreds of orders for CRWST baking kits, fresh bread and CRWST jars that were sent out to both local & national dinner tables.

As restrictions are lifted, we continue to deliver our delicious fresh bakes to those who are still shielding locally, as we feel it’s important to give back a little to all who helped and supported us pre-lockdown.


Skills For Scrubs

Like many in the UK we wanted to support the NHS during lockdown. Of course, we utilised our baking skills and created a real community project with Hiut Denim (local jeans craftsmen) here in Cardigan. £5 was donated from every ‘Bake At Home’ kit sold online, this was given to Hiut Denim towards the cost of NHS scrub fabric. All the scrubs made using this money were donated to local Care Homes and Hospitals. We raised over £1600! And we’re so grateful to every single Crwstomer who helped with this fantastic fundraising achievement within our local Welsh community.

CRWST Desserts kit from their Bake at Home range

Crwstomers LOVE To Bake!

At CRWST we’ve refined and developed CRWST baking kits with our ‘Bake at Home‘ range. Crwstomers can now enjoy their very own homemade CRWST dessert or pancake stack by buying a kit online.

Impress your mates with a special boozy Barti Rum pancake stack or enjoy the simple pleasure of cooking a sticky toffee pudding with the kids, being at home never tasted so good!

What’s Happening?

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