Our story began in 2016.

It was after a fantastic summer following the Welsh national football team’s run to the Euro 2016 semi-finals in France that we began our journey with the inception of Crwst.

Of course, we didn’t know then that in little over a year, we would be sending an order of our delicious doughnuts to several members of that very team!

We have always been an enterprising couple with a dream of having our own business, so it only seemed natural to start one founded on Osian’s passion and flair as a chef and baker.

Utilising a do-it-yourself approach, we returned home to rural west Wales to start a micro-bakery from our own bungalow kitchen, selling our bread and sweet treats at a twice-weekly stall at Cardigan Market.

The magnificent support of locals and tourists alike was crucial to the establishment of our initial ‘Crwstomer’ base.

This was only the beginning of Crwst‘s relationship with the community, as our next step was to start selling our goods in ten local businesses to which we delivered twice a week.

In order to build our brand and enhance our reputation as a high-quality artisan bakery, we then set about showcasing our produce at food festivals across Wales.

Following a fantastic response at these events, we then made perhaps our biggest stride forward so far through the acquisition of a premises on which to create our very own cafe and restaurant in late 2017. With the site being a hardware store at the time, this was an enormous undertaking, yet we were glowing with pride when we opened our doors for the very first time in April 2018.

If you’ve visited us before, we’re sure you will agree that it is hard to believe that the building as it now is once occupied such a store so recently, and this is testament to the fantastic work of all involved in the project.

Despite this, our explicit aim was to reflect the building’s prior uses stretching back to the nineteenth-century as a car showroom and ironworks, resulting in the endearing industrial interior now so familiar to our many loyal regulars.