RECIPE: Caramelised Blood Orange Dessert

RECIPE: Caramelised Blood Orange Dessert

Discover a dessert that pairs the tang of caramelised blood oranges with the indulgent sweetness of Crwst salted caramel! This recipe, featuring butter-fried Madeira cake and crème fraîche, offers a perfect balance of flavour and texture.

Serves: 4

- 2 blood oranges, peeled, sliced, pips removed (alternative oranges work well)
- 100g sugar
- 2 tbsp Crwst salted caramel
- 4 slices of Madeira cake
- 125g butter
- Crème fraîche, to serve

1. Caramelise the Oranges: In a frying pan, melt the sugar until amber. Add orange slices, shake the pan to coat them in caramel, then stir in Crwst salted caramel briefly.

2. Fry the Cake: Melt butter in a separate pan until foaming. Fry the cake slices until golden on each side.

3. Serve: Warm the caramelised oranges if needed. Place a fried cake slice on each plate, top with the oranges, and add a dollop of crème fraîche.

Why Choose Crwst Salted Caramel?
Crwst salted caramel elevates this dessert, adding a luxurious depth that balances the tartness of the oranges. It showcases the caramel's versatility and flavour, turning simple ingredients into a sophisticated dessert!

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