Honey Butter French Toast

RECIPE: Honey Butter Breakfast French Toast

Wake up and smell the sweetness! Our Honey Butter Breakfast French Toast is the perfect Sunday morning brekkie—fluffy brioche, Crwst's award winning Welsh Honey Butter, and a wild blackberry compote for the perfect combo. Lets make breakfast the best part of your day!

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- Brioche Loaf
- Jar of Crwst Honey Butter
- Crwst Granola Clusters
- Natural yoghurt 75g
- Cream 75g
- 2 small egg
- 120g milk
- 2 tsp vanilla
- Knob of butter
- Blackberries (or berry of your choice) 150g
- 1 tbs brown sugar
- 1 cinnamon stick
- Star anise

1. Prepare Components:
- Make Yoghurt Cream: Whip cream until thick, then fold in yoghurt.
- Create Wild Blackberry Compote: In a pan, combine wild blackberries, sugar, and spices. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 5 minutes. Set aside.
- Mix Egg Custard: Whisk together eggs, milk, and vanilla in a bowl by hand.

2.Prep Brioche:
- Slice Brioche.
- Dip brioche slices into the egg mixture and set aside.
- Heat a pan with a knob of butter.
- Fry French Toast: Once the pan is hot, fry the brioche slices until golden on both sides (approximately 2 minutes each side on low heat).

3.Plate and glaze:
- Plate up the brioche french toast and set aside.
- Meanwhile, quickly clean the pan using kitchen paper.
- In the same pan, heat honey butter.
- Once hot, pour the honey butter over the French toast.

4. Serve:
- Serve the French toast with wild blackberry compote, yoghurt, and Crwst granola. 

Get ready to dive into breakfast bliss with this recipe. Nothing says "good morning" better than a plateful of french toast!


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